January 31, 2014

maryann moodie

weavings seem to be popping up everyone at the moment as the latest trend in crafty goodness!
more often than not, beautiful weavings you come across belong to new yorker Maryann Moodie
all the creations below are maryanne's, make sure you follow her extremely inspiring pinterst board here
AND……i was lucky enough to secure a spot in her class at The School next week when she visits Sydney! I'm beyond excited! Wish me luck (i think i'm going to need it)

January 28, 2014

a stylists scandi home

this home belongs to a stylists (no surprises there)
we love the minimalist decor…simple but personal, creating a very warm, inviting space
the jar of dried flowers is a personal favourite

January 23, 2014

island escape :: pantelleria

these dreamy retreat sits on pantelleria island, a breathtaking island just off the coast of Italy, floating in the mediterranean sea…if thats not enough to get you there then i'm sure these pictures will be
an old traditional style house was restored and then modern elements added to it to create the unique space…we would love to visit…

January 22, 2014

field day :: W mag

a stunning editorial by W Mag
wonderfully colourful and the dresses are absolutely breathtaking…some of the best we have seen we have to say! Oh what we would give to slip into any of them for just a second.

January 21, 2014

the locker room

we love the idea of lockers in the home
they work perfectly as a wardrobe, in the office, in the kitchen or in the kids rooms to house all their toys!
not only do they make great storage solutions, we love the industrial element they add to a room, these images show perfectly how that industrial feel can be placed in a room
via pinterest